Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Game of Dragon Nest

Dragon nest is one of game that used the dragon creature as the topic of the story, it is very interesting game with very kindly and friendly characters and they are also cute and cool, this Dragon nest is cool adventure game that is entertaining, with very good and high quality graphic and also field of the game is so large and beautiful, the panorama and background of this Dragon nest is so beautiful that is joining with nature and classic story based of the dragon and dungeons. This you can try it free because Dragon nest is free to play game online, I'm sue you will like it, one of the characters is also has sword to destroy the enemy, you can choose the character you like and the weapon you like to use it ti destroy of the enemy, and with destroying enemy you will get some power and you will increase more strength in instanced dungeons, so try it and get your more exciting experiences, also the evils and monster in this dragon nest game online is very very great and wonderful because the monster are more bigger and scarier than other, the effect and light in this dragon nest game is so exciting and I'm sure it can make you having fun and happy, you can see in the pictures above that there are so interesting and very much of characters not only as the main characters but the characters of evils and other enemies are also so cool, you will like it, not only the characters you will love them but also their weapon that are so cool and great weapon, this game is has little same with dragon fairy tail manga animations, he he.

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