Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boulder Class Dragon (HTTYD Book of Dragons)

The next dragon in HTTYD Book of Dragons, is boulder class, boulder class dragons if we have watched the movie is dragon with very tough body and big, it's like Gronckle, I think you have known this dragon, Gronckle is dragon that Fishlegs trained and he become his friend now, with it's tough and fat body Gronckle is very suitable to be a symbol of boulder class. Not same as Stoker class that terrorize everybody with fires and tricks, Boulder class dragons have different type they are the toughest dragon in the viking era, they also known rock eater and ground liver. The dragons that under boulder classification are Gronckle and wishpering death. 


Gronckle has huge and though body, he is known to have 5 stages of maturity. First is the egg, then the tiny tooth (in this age he is so cute like baby dragon), the short wings, then the broad wings, and finally the titan wings. And tips to make friend and train Gronckle as Hiccup said is to give him some dragon nip, and he wouldn't do anything to you.

HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class
  HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class 
HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class

HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class 
HTTYD Book of Dragons, The Whispering Death is from Boulder Class

HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class 
HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class, Gronckle Wallpaper

HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class 
 HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class, Whispering Death Wallpaper

HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class 
HTTYD Book of Dragons, Boulder Class, Cute Gronckle Wallpaper

Wishpering Death

Whispering death is one of very dangerous dragon in viking life, to be based on it's name "death" this dragon is scary killing dragon, as Bork the Bold said in his quotation "The Whispering Death knows only one thing: Killing!" Whispering death has bad look, it has large mouth with sharp teeth inside it's mouth, it live in the ground. Bork ever had unlucky experience with this dragon. When he made date with his lovely darling then there came two whispering death dragons from the ground and blow up Bork's woman, Bork straight trough pounded the dragon with very big hammer and she landed up safely. But suddenly there another whispering death came to the Bork and blow him away with fire, Bork was burnt but it's he was in luck, because the darling give him water to revive again, this story is very funny make me LOL. 

How To Train Whispering Death 

It's Fishlegs gives us tips to make friend with whispering death and to train them, as he said "If you help it brush it's teeth you might be able to train it.". 

So this is about How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) Book of Dragons, Boulder Class, and just for fun and here I also tagged some wallpapers of Whispering death dragon and Gronckle dragon click CTRL+S to download them, thanks.

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